I Cheated with ONE WAY GLASS in a Building Competition...

Joylandi 23-May, 2021
Skeppy \u0026 BadBoyHalo Troll Antfrost, RedVelvet, \u0026 FoolishG in a Building Competition...

Today I got all my friends together for an exciting Building Competition :D This time, for the first time ever, Bad and I are teaming up against Antfrost and Velvet in one of our most hilarious competitions yet! We even got FoolishG from the Dream SMP to judge the builds which was so fun. Of course it wouldn’t be a build battle without a couple cheats, except we were cheating the entire time with ONE WAY GLASS. also... worldedit can be really...helpful. Bad and I had all the advantages on our side, and we still struggled a little bit LMAO. This video was so funny and hilarious to make and I had so much fun as always making it so if you enjoyed this video hit it with a like!

200,000 Likes and I will Troll Technoblade. My mind is set on it.


Special thank you to my friends for being in this video!!!
@Foolish Gamers
\u0026 RedVelvet!

I Troll BadBoyHalo with ONE WAY GLASS in a Building Competition...

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Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed runner / survivalist in Minecraft against a killer / assassin / hitmen but it's BadBoyHalo and I getting to unleash our inner troll


  • 3 weeks? Still no upload :(


  • Skeppy if you have a space in your mc username, commands don't work on you so you can troll bbh and not get banned.


  • Skeppy why is your english so good, where did you study?

  • i wish you uploaded more often your vids are so much fun to watch!

  • That Romeo & Juliet ending was better than the real one.

  • " AND THAT- " *get a free 5G smartphone on us-*

  • Me seeing BadBoyHalo in there be like: You know when you see BadBoyHalo It’s gonna be FRIKIN AMAZING

  • Fun Fact:Skeppy is a peanut butter he is Skippy jef is also a peanut butter thats why Skeppy & jef are friends

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  • 4:06 *yes*

  • I was waiting for this one. i see your editing styles are changing to mr beasts style, youre also more cartoony, i hope you do something diffire t, i realy liked the old one.

  • Hello skeppy I was wondering if I could edit one of your videos

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  • I love your videos! You videos crack me up 🤣

  • i laughed for 2 hours straight bc of the final round im not even kidding

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  • Why y’all watching skeppy this boi has been irrelevant compared to techno

  • 4:05 did anyone just heard what he said?

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  • Trap 100 kids in a genie Lamp!!!

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  • I watch these videos bc I like the content.(Of badboyhalos voice)

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  • 4:06 Their hole has a toilet in it though -BadBoyHalo 2021

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  • Can I you make a server I play on bedrock and I need a code to join and when am In join make me host and my user is Rastapanther306

  • 4:07 WHAT???

  • I am so, so amused at the fact that RedVelvet was more offended by the llamas then the lava.

  • Velvet screams for no reason like seriously you can blink then he is just AHHHH

  • I miss invadedlands videos

  • next video title "So I trolled BadBoyHalo with a cursed herobrine mod/plugin"

  • Hi, I have the feeling you won’t see this but it’s worth a shot, you have helped me so much these past 2 years and I really want to thank you. You have really helped me be comfortable coming out as bisexual and that means the world to me. I might have only come out to the closest of my friends but it’s still a big step. You’ve also helped me get through the pandemic so much. I love you and I will never stop supporting you. I will be here for the rest of my life. 10 years? If you still upload then hell yeah I’ll be here!!! Love you and I hope you never leave us. Please notice me :’)

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  • Saying language to badboyhalo to make him confused

  • Video Idea: I can take things from badboyhalos inventory without he knows it.

  • i saw you since 2019

  • u need to the events again

  • How do you feel to be the only other person on technoblade's featured channels

  • Why are they not uploading videos again?

  • Man I miss the old simple editing and the troll videos and when people did not swear hope this trolls and the simple editing is back ;(

  • They have a hole with a toilet in it 😂

  • VoodooBuilds lol

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  • congrats on 5 m skeppy thanks for making your content

  • Skeppy: I’m giving away $1,000 to a random subscriber Mr Beast: I’m giving away $10,000 to a random subscriber

  • Skeppy: also i,m giving away 1,00 dollars Me: (": okay hope it goes to someone good and caring

  • :) I enjoyed this ima new sub but I think I’ll really like this channel!

  • im bored yall

  • 4:07 “their hole has a toilet In it”

  • 7:09 I love it🤣👍

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  • Alternative title: *COUPLE VS COUPLE*

  • I love you skppy

  • Lol Skeppy you're ALWAYS cheating 😂

  • Skeppy plz do more 100 kids plz Skeppy or you will not be my favorite UZfirer anymore

  • That is sooooo cool and I think the judge is kinda confused

  • Cinematic masterpiece

  • yes

  • 12:52 if they flew over, wouldn't they have noticed the glass? also, when skeppy and bbh went to grief their side, the glass was visible *c u r s e d*

  • We saw your face a little when you told the hoodie anouncement

    • So what he has a whole channel showing his face are you living under a rock!?!?!?

  • When foolish said "There one has zombie," BBH Replies: I dont speed a zombie, but at 5:56 you can see the zombie dying from daylight.

  • Skeppy l saw your face your hansome

  • Does anyone know about what happened to Skeppylive on twitch?

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  • 4:06 Their hole has a toilet in it Me: My seed has an apple in it

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  • the way they did romeo and juliet 🤣 i loved it

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  • You and badboyhalo should do a manhunt or first to kill the enderdragon in hexit. Hexit is a mod on an app called Forge. Its called Hexit updated

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  • when will skeppy make more vids

  • Skippy and badboyhalo watch pokemon

  • The couples are fighting again 🙄🤚

  • This Is a cool video.

  • i miss the "I traped 100 kids"

  • Shouldn’t bbh be wearing a skim that skeppy chose?

  • Is that Skeppy's fac -fac- FACEEEEE!!!???!??! (4:22) !??!?!?!..😐😐😐😐

  • I love you Skeepy ♥. I discovered you in 2021 February...?And you are a good muffin ❤.

    • Hearts all around❤❤❤❤❤❤❤